Advancing Knowledge from the Field

Given the profound impact deer population levels have on local environments, wildlife, and people, the demand for continued research has never been greater. While much of what we know about deer and wildlife management is due to the incredible efforts of dedicated, hard-working state and local wildlife biologists, many of these professionals still deal with enormous funding, manpower, and logistics challenges in their day-to-day efforts. Our team works to support their efforts and wildlife management goals by contributing to herd monitoring and management, and conducting in-field studies and related research.

Conducting Collaborative Studies

UDC supports the continued research and study of whitetail deer, their habitat, and their role within environmental ecosystems through both independent and cooperating studies and practical research projects. In this capacity, we work to advance the field of deer, wildlife, and habitat management by producing information that contributes to our understanding of this incredible animal and its existence in suburban and urban areas. A key goal of these activities is to support the efforts of state and local wildlife biologists by increasing their capacity for gathering valuable data by conducting and contributing to in-field studies and related research efforts. This includes studying local deer populations to gather critical information such as deer density, sex ratios, age structure, and even fawn recruitment rates. It also includes studying habitat structure and composition and its relationship to wildlife activity.

Our Advantage

Validated Study Methods

UDC employs practical and effective study methods that have been tested and validated by leading wildlife biologists and others in the scientific and academic communities.

Minimal Disturbance

Our team leverages advanced monitoring tools with modern technology to conduct field studies that minimize human disturbance while maximizing data collection.

Habitat & Vegetation Monitoring

UDC research efforts go beyond simply monitoring deer or other wildlife but also include habitat and vegetation monitoring through methods such as Browse Impact Surveys to provide a holistic view of both wildlife and habitat.

Proven Survey Techniques

Our operators leverage current best practices to execute wildlife surveys, establishing defined objectives and scope and adhering to rigorous data management and analyses practices to produce studies that deliver meaningful intelligence.


Current, actionable intelligence to support deer, wildlife, habitat, and property management efforts

Improved awareness of how deer affect and impact property and environmental habitats

Identification of at-risk wildlife species due to habitat damage

Improved deer population control planning based on reliable deer population, demographics, and density data

Better understanding of natural movement patterns and land use by native wildlife

Improved ability to assess the impact and effectiveness of on-going habitat management and population control efforts

Quicker identification and awareness of issues impacting your property, habitat, and wildlife

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