Serving Others

Every day over 40 million children and adults face hunger in nearly every community across the United States. UDC contributes to the fight against hunger by donating venison from harvested deer that is distributed to those in need.

Helping Those Who Need It

We view wildlife as a valuable public resource that is not meant to be wasted or taken for granted and so believe in the efficient utilization of harvested game animals. We also believe no one should ever have to face hunger. Yet every day there are millions of children and adults who do not get to eat because they do not have food. That’s why UDC is proud to join the fight against hunger and put our beliefs into practice by ensuring animals harvested through our deer management efforts are never wasted but instead put to good use for the benefit of others who need it, including those less fortunate. We do this by partnering with other organizations and donating venison that is processed and provided for free to those who face hunger.

Our Advantage

Efficient Use of Wildlife Resources

Work with a partner that values wildlife and ensures harvested animals are put to good use and never wasted.

Addressing A Real Need

While almost everyone is aware that there are people who go without food each and every day, the fact of the matter is not everyone does something about it. We do.

Professionally Prepared Donations

Harvested animals that are donated to combat hunger are handled by professional meat processors (butchers), who accept, cut, wrap, and freeze the venison in preparation for distribution and consumption.


Because deer are a natural and abundant resource, venison is a sustainable food and protein source.


Benefit hungry children and adults in nearby communities

Healthy, free-range, wild and organic protein

Better health - as a sustainable protein food, venison can help keep your brain, muscles, and immune system healthy

Weight loss - as one of the leanest sources of organic free-range protein, venison can significantly aid weight loss for those battling obesity

Help Make an Impact

Find out how you can play a part in the fight against hunger and serve those in need by contacting us to learn more.