Informing and Empowering

While deer population levels and resulting habitat damage continue to increase, many people still remain wholly unaware of the growing number of problems impacting other wildlife, habitat, and people – including area residents and their pets. UDC works to educate the general public about these and related issues including the need for sound wildlife management and the critical role that regulated hunting serves as a safe and effective management tool.

Fostering Awareness through Outreach and Engagement

UDC’s education and outreach efforts support the general public by engaging and educating individuals about the need for sound wildlife and habitat conservation and management. We focus on raising awareness of state and local conservation and wildlife goals and fostering an understanding of the current issues facing suburban and urban communities and areas. This includes educating individuals about whitetail deer and their ecological impact as a keystone species on local habitats and other plants and animals. We also work to educate the public about the role of bowhunting as a safe and effective wildlife management tool and the positive contributions it has made as the most practical and cost-effective means to deer management in urban and suburban areas. In all of these efforts, UDC works to provide the public with an accurate, objective understanding of how the responsible efforts of ethical sportsmen and women benefit wildlife and habitat.

Our Advantage

Objective & Non-Partisan

Get the facts without any of the spin.

Current Knowledge

Keep up-to-date with with most current industry knowledge available including the latest studies and analyses.

Research & Study-Based

Obtain data and information that has been validated through credible studies and field research.

Vetted & Credible

Receive information from only trusted, recognized, and credible sources.

Biology & Science-Based

Gain access to information and analysis as well as statistics and data from leading biologists, epidemiologists, and other established industry experts.

Data Integrity & Transparency

Get access to accurate, assured data that has been collected and maintained according to current industry standards for transparency and integrity.


Knowledge of local wildlife, habitat, and the environmental issues affecting them and people

Improved awareness and knowledge for better deer and wildlife, habitat, and land management initiatives

Understand the benefits of ecosystems and how we can better utilize natural resources in ways that leave the environment healthy for future generations

Awareness of current issues affecting local wildlife and habitat, your property, and your community

Gain knowledge needed to help improve the environment, manage our natural resources, and better protect human health

Better planning and improved decision-making on habitat, wildlife, and environmental matters

Independence from having to rely on others to understand current environmental issues

Get Informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and information about
effective deer and wildlife management.