Safe. Effective. Free.

Soaring deer populations in urban and suburban areas continue to devastate local environmental habitats impacting people, property owners, and other wildlife. Among numerous health and safety issues, overabundant deer populations negatively alter forest understudies and cause declines in plant species and variety, reducing local habitat quality and resulting in less food and cover for not only deer, but many other important wildlife species. To address these and other issues our team of elite, professional bowhunters offer safe, effective, and discreet population control services for free to residential property owners, developers, local communities, government organizations, and others.

Deer Population Control in Urban and Suburban Settings

UDC utilizes an elite team of highly skilled operators to safely and efficiently reduce overpopulated deer herds, providing effective deer population control as a free service to property owners, developers, local communities, government organizations, and others. We operate in and around the greater Washington DC metropolitan area and across a growing number of states including Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and others. Our trained operators are fully screened and qualified bowhunters who are highly experienced, unequivocally ethical, and extremely adept at discreetly and efficiently hunting and removing deer in a safe and effective manner in suburban areas and their surrounding environments. Our team of professionals utilize modern archery equipment and apply proven methods and advanced tactics to safely and effectively reduce deer populations and manage deer damage.

Our Advantage

Absolutely Free

Our deer management services are completely free with no hidden conditions or strings attached.

Fully Screened & Trained Professionals

Obtain support from skilled, trained professionals that have been carefully vetted and selected from the most rigorous screening standards.

Highly Effective

Our elite team of operators implement advanced bowhunting tactics that minimize our environmental footprint and maximize stealth and efficiency.


Work with a partner whose operators make safety their top priority, building it into every aspect of our deer management operations.

Discreet Operating Procedures

Our team of professional bowhunters are trained and experienced in the art of stealth and leverage discreet hunting best-practices.

Proven Track Record

Work with a skilled team of operators that possess an unblemished safety record and a long history of demonstrated success.

No Liability Risks

UDC fully protects all property owners with liability insurance coverage that allows them to quickly secure our services without any liability risks.

Tree & Habitat Safe Equipment

All UDC operators utilize light, mobile, and temporary-use equipment designed to ensure trees, shrubs, and property habitat remains unharmed.

Ethical Stewardship

Work with ethical professionals who value and respect habitat, wildlife, and your property.


Safe and effective deer management services provided free of cost, no questions asked

Reduced costs and impact of deer damage

Peace of mind from knowing you're working with highly skilled professionals you can trust

No liability risks to property owners

Fewer deer vehicle collisions on surrounding roads

Reduced health and safety risks related to communicable diseases

Improved health of local deer herd

Reduced crop damage in surrounding agricultural fields and gardens

Better long-term sustainment of whitetail deer as a native wild animal

Restoration and recovery of native plant species and vegetation

Support to state wildlife and game departments and their deer management plans, goals, and objectives

Engage a Partner You Can Trust

At UDC, we’re committed to helping property owners, communities, developers, and governments address issues related to deer damage and verpopulation in a safe and professional manner. Contact us to learn more.