Protecting and Restoring

As a keystone species, deer population levels directly impact other plants and animals, as well as people, property owners, and their pets. Overabundant deer herds have a devastating and profound effect on local environments, altering the ecology of forests, stripping native vegetation, and eliminating niches for other wildlife. UDC helps property owners, developers, communities, governments, and others address these issues by leveraging sound wildlife and habitat management principles to help preserve and restore natural suburban and urban environments, vegetation, and wildlife.

Working for Better Habitats

UDC’s deer management operations play an important role in helping to improve local environmental habitats on both public lands and private properties. Our efforts focus on reducing the number of deer in areas where their population levels exceed the surrounding habitat’s ecological carrying capacity. In these areas, deer damage caused by overbrowsing results in major changes in plants species composition and dramatically reduces biodiversity of plants and wildlife. By partnering with property owners and other client stakeholders, we work to conserve, protect, and restore environmental habitat for the benefit of local wildlife, native plant and forage species, and local ecosystems. Our deer management program also enables us to work with property owners, communities, governments, and others to facilitate and broker habitat cooperatives between property owners, organize and coordinate habitat cleanups, and provide habitat planning and management services. UDC also spearheads proactive conservation efforts for habitats in areas that face higher risks of damage.

Our Advantage

Holistic Conservation Practice

UDC conservation efforts focus on more than just wildlife but also plantlife and vegetation required for healthy habitats.

Biology & Science-Based Conservation

Our team’s efforts are rooted in proven conservation and wildlife biology best practices that have been implemented for decades and validated as effective.

Tailored Habitat Management Plans

Obtain habitat management plans developed and tailored to the specific needs of your property and the surrounding local environment.

Wildlife & Habitat Management

Work with professionals who understand how to successfully manage properties and their habitats towards defined objectives.


Better habitat quality, diversity, and healthwith greater long-term sustainability

Restoration and recovery of displaced oraffected wildlife species in their preferred environment

Recovery and regeneration of damaged trees,plants, shrubs, and vegetation

Healthier forest understudies promotinghigher tree and sapling recruitment

Increased property value with cleanerland and habitat

Restoration of native vegetativespecies and communities

Increased biodiversity of plants and wildlifewith improved ecosystem balance and productivity

Improved habitat cover and variety withgreater array of natural food sources for wildlife

Improve Your Land and Property

Discover the impact that sound wildlife, land, and habitat management best practices can have on your property. Reach out to our team today to learn more.