How To Secure Our Free Services

UDC makes it easy for property owners, developers, communities, and government organizations to obtain our free deer management services. Our client service process detailed below gives property owners the opportunity to quickly secure our services without any liability risks. If you or your organization are ready to request our free deer management services, simply complete and submit our service request form found on the Obtain Our Services page.

Our 5-Step Service Process
Step 1 – Service Request Form

The first step to obtaining our free deer management services is to fill out and submit the online service request form located on our website’s Obtain Our Services page. Upon submission, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us letting you know that a UDC representative will be reaching out to you within the next 24-48 hours to schedule an introductory phone call regarding your request.

Step 2 – Introductory Phone Call

After scheduling the introductory phone call a UDC representative will reach out upon the agreed time to discuss your service request. During the call we’ll go over the specifics of your request to learn more about the issues or challenges facing your property and to gather any additional information required. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and then schedule and coordinate an on-site visit with the property owner.

Step 3 – On-Site Visit & In-Field Walkthrough

During the scheduled on-site visit a UDC member will meet with you, the property owner, to identify and confirm property boundaries, assess the property’s layout and habitat structure, and provide the necessary paperwork to secure our services. This includes a Client Indemnification form that indemnifies (i.e. holds harmless) you, the property owner, from any and all liability; a Service Authorization form granting UDC permission to harvest deer in accordance with state and local laws; and a current copy of our Rules & Regulations for Deer Management, which outlines the policies and procedures our members are required to follow while servicing your property. We’ll also collect and confirm any special requests or property-specific rules that you may have such as parking locations, certain “no-hunt” areas, specific service days/times, etc.

Step 4 – UDC Member Selection & Introduction

Based on the information gathered during the introductory phone call and on-site visit as well as other factors such as your property’s location and habitat structure, UDC will then identify and select one or more of our pre-screened, qualified bowhunters to service your property. Upon selecting the designated operator(s) for your property, our local UDC Coordinator responsible for overseing deer management activities in your area will reach out to provide you with their name and information and to schedule an in-person introduction.

Step 5 – Service Begins

Following the in-person introduction, the selected operator(s) begin the harvesting process in accordance with UDC regulations, state and local laws, and any special requests or property-specific rules from you, the property owner.

In-Service Operations
Managing & Utilizing Harvests

UDC and its members view wildlife as a valuable public resource that is not meant to be wasted – even when an overabundance of a particular species requires population control, such as deer. We champion the efficient and respectful use of harvested game animals and all deer harvested from our services are utilized accordingly. This includes donating a portion of total harvests to partner organizations such as Hunters for the Hungry, and sharing venison from harvests with clients if desired.

Periodic Service Reviews

During the provision of our deer management services a senior UDC member will reach out to you periodically to touch base, discuss progress, and ensure your satisfaction with our services. They’ll also go over any notable information provided by the designated operator(s) during the harvesting process