Promoting Sound Policy

Strong public policy is critical to ensuring successful wildlife and habitat management practices. This includes recognizing and protecting the critical role of regulated hunting as a foundational pillar of the North American model for wildlife conservation – the most successful and most emulated conservation model in the world. Controlled hunting undertaken by ethical, responsible hunters and wildlife stewards is an essential management tool to addressing overabundant wildlife, ensuring balanced ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, and supporting federal, state, and local wildlife initiatives.

Supporting Science-Based Conservation and Regulated Hunting

As an organization comprised of people who love and cherish the outdoors and who invest their time, money, and energy into responsible good stewardship, we have a vested interest in seeing it flourish. While part of that entails boots-on-the-ground in-field work and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, another important part also entails proactive engagement with policymakers.

UDC works on behalf of ethical, responsible hunters and like-minded outdoor enthusiasts by advocating for sound wildlife management, conservation, and environmental policies. We do this by monitoring, evaluating, and lobbying on related legislation, engaging with federal, state, and local lawmakers on these and corresponding policy issues. We work to ensure the continued role of responsible, controlled hunting in outdoor conservation and wildlife management, and to secure the future of our practice through relationship and coalition building, targeted fact-based messaging, campaign and outreach efforts, and other activities.

UDC also advocates for policy change and tougher penalties on poaching and those who commit similar outdoor crimes that directly harm and impact wildlife and environmental habitat. As an organization that promotes good stewardship and whose members conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner, we denounce all acts of poaching and other illegal and unethical actions that compromise the principal of fair chase.

Our Advantage

Stakeholder Driven

Work with an organization that is loyal to serving the interests of our community stakeholders.


Forward leaning approach that takes initiative from legislative monitoring to proactively engaging with leaders, partners, and policymakers on relevant issues.

Bipartisan Practice

Significant bipartisan depth, experience, expertise, and working relationships with organizations and policymakers at federal, state, and local levels.

Integrated Team Approach

Adept at partnering and collaborating with other organizations to achieve shared policy objectives.


Help policymakers understand the issues

Protect our members’ interests and ensure their collective voice is heard

Help lawmakers understand the significance and impact of legislative and policy decisions

Partnerships and alliances with other organizations that strengthen ongoing efforts

Critical information and support delivered to government officials to aid them in making decisions

Effective articulation and expression of viewpoints to help others understand our position

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